Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving memories

Come October Grandma would start to gather up her almost open straw flowers from her garden, cutting them at exactly 12” and laying them gently in her flower basket. After collecting some two dozen straw flowers of various colors and sizes, she would sit to remove the leaves, divide the flowers into four bundles with six flowers each and tie the stems together with her pre-cut pieces of string.

Grandma would then give my sister and me two bundles and in a procession- like manner we would follow her down to her cellar, where she then proceeded to tie the bundles upside down on a clothesline to dry.

This ritual took place every year, so we sort of thought of it as a pre-Thanksgiving tradition because once she shut that cellar door no one was allowed to see the flowers again until Thanksgiving morning when she would bring the flowers out of the cellar to make her beautiful #Thanksgiving straw flower centerpieces.

In those days, not only were the flowers on our Thanksgiving table from grandma's garden, but so were, the sweet potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, potatoes and brussels sprouts.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 

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