Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Loving native plant of North America: Coreopsis

From my garden
This bright plant is a native plant of many of the woodlands and prairies of North America. Its daisy-like flower heads are yellow or pink and grows on long thin woody upright stalk with opposite leaves. I have grown the yellow perennial variety called 'Sunburst' for many years and the bright yellow heads were like little suns dancing in my garden, they have always been the sunny corner in my partial shade garden. 

Coreopsis is a easy care plant that flowers freely and can be used as a long lasting cut flowers. Most varieties, have a growing height of 16 to 18 inches tall and can be grown as either a perennial or annual. I have found in my area, Zone 5, the flower blooms from early summer to mid- autumn and are a hardy, bug free plant.

Heaven Gate/Courtesy of Dutch Gardens
There are a wide variety of Coreopsis available today in a wider range of colors, with either single flowering or double flowering heads. The two newest I have found is the Coreopsis, Heaven's Gate, 18-24" high with blushed pink flowers with a rosy red center and the Coreopsis, Mercury Rising, 15-18" high that is dark red with bright yellow centers. 

For those who prefer a lower growing plant there is Presto Gold Coreopsis that grows only 6 to 8” high with dark green leaves. A dwarf that stands on its own in Zones 4 to 9.

Mercury Rising/Courtesy of Dutch Gardens

With new varieties always coming on the market in different colors, heights and shapes, one could have a well rounded garden just growing Coreopsis.

Presto Gold/Courtesy of Park Seeds

Coreopsis Tips:

  • Deadheading will prolong flowering.
  • Divide every few years in spring.
  • Most will withstand drought condition.
  • Make excellent cut flowers.  


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