Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Think annuals

The planting of annuals in your perennial garden can add flexibility, color, texture and interest. You can add height by planting one of the many varieties of annual vines, to quickly cover an unsightly fence or to add extra color and vertical interest on a trellis or embellish low growing perennials. They can also add height when you plant them in decorativecontainers. They can be used to create a focal point in or around your perennial garden; by elevating or using your decorative containers full of annuals in unusual ways, like laying the container on it's side or putting a pot inside a pot.

Annuals can also be used to fill in the empty spaces between your just planted perennials, giving them the time they need to fill out or give them a temporary home by filling in that bare space you left open till you decide which perennial plant would best suit the space, giving your garden of fuller look. Since annuals are fairly inexpensive and make great border plants, use them to help stop heavy feet from stepping on your expensive perennials. You can also use them to add extra color to your vegetable garden, attracting bees to increase pollination, which will increase your vegetable production.

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