Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gifts for the gardener

Garden rain gauge
Garden rain gauge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The big gift giving day is coming closer and if you have a gardener in the family here is a short list of, hopefully, some good # gifts that most gardeners can use.

Soil thermometer – lets the gardener know if soil is warm enough to start seeding, check temperature of compost pile and can help when planning out garden as some plants will not survive if soil is to hot or to cold for long periods of time. When buying choose one that can be used for a broad range of usage, is long enough to measure different depths and is stainless steel or coated to resist corrosion.

Rain gauge – basically a container that collect rain water or sprinkling water to let the gardener know how much water was put into the soil. Rain gauges can be fun to shop for because many are made to look like garden decoration which means you can personalize it for your gardener of chose. They run the gambit of being very simple to highly advance and technological.

Watering Wand – a great addition to any gardener tool shed. Handy when watering in areas that are hard to get at or watering the hanging baskets without taking them down. The wand is simple to attach to the garden hose, they come with just one water setting or with multi- settings; some even can be extended for a further reach.

Garden Tool Set – great gift for the beginner and advanced # gardener alike. Gardening hand tool sets/kits come in a variety of combinations – from three pieces – trowel, pruners and knee pad to seven pieces that include a carry bag or case, gloves and spray bottle. 

There is always a need for a good planting pot.

Knee pads or Kneeler – protects from rough, moist and cold ground.

Gardening gloves – you can never have to many, like little kids, many gardeners have a habit of forgetting where they put there gloves.

Garden cadet – to put gloves in along with other garden tools.

If you want to give something more personalize you can make up a bucket or decorative pot filled with, a bottle of aspirin for taking away the pain of sore muscles after gardening all day; a good hand or skin moisturizer, handy wipes, bar of soap, box of bandages, sun lotion, sun hat, and sweat band.

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