Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Don't forget the gardener this Christmas

As your heading out the door to do your Christmas shopping, don't forget the gardeners in your life.  Remember a gardener can never have too many Gardening gloves because they seem to wander off just when you need them the most, Garden Tool Set/s, from three pieces – trowel, pruners and knee pad to seven pieces that include a carry bag or case, gloves and spray bottle.  If you want to give something more personalize you can make up a bucket or large planting pot filled with, a bottle of aspirin for taking away the pain of sore muscles after gardening all day; a good hand or skin moisturizer, handy wipes, bar of soap, box of bandages, sun lotion, sun hat, and sweat band.

Your special gardener might appreciate a house plant or two, to get them though the months of not being able to plant outside, like a nice spider plant or ribbon plant or maybe a handsome snake plant or the mother’s in-laws tongue, both are fairly easy to grow and withstand almost any household conditions.  Herb plants are also a good choice, they are easy to grow by a sunny window and they are not only edible but can fill the air with a pleasant fragrance.  If the gardener in you life likes decorations, there is a host of garden d├ęcor art to be had to suit anyones taste from traditional to whimsical.  A few suggestion: solar lights, wind chimes, metal shaped garden stakes, decorative garden waking stones, or small garden statues, the list goes on and on. 

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