Friday, September 9, 2016

#Foundation planting tips

 Landscaping plants have long been used in front of houses, something that was quite popular, when houses were built with full basements. These plantings were known as #“foundation plantings” as they were to obscure the view of the basement from the public. Today, the plantings are used to help distinguish the difference between the vertical structure of the house and the horizontal flat surface of the land. Many people use foundation plantings to provide them with a sense of or total privacy, a way to soften the outline of a house, some use them as a divider between certain areas, or even as a visual and decorative way to greet visitors. 

When doing #“foundation planting” around or near your house, there are some basic rules that would be wise to follow to achieve the most natural effect and and provide low maintenance.
  • Set all plants a good distance away, so you will have a easy access behind them, a good thing if you ever need to paint, wash windows, or do a little pruning,
  • Choose plants that do not require heavy pruning or will grow out of portions to the scale of the surrounding plants,
  • When putting in shrubs or decorative trees, choose height sizes that will not block light that may come in through the windows,
  • Pay attention to the plants root system, if massive do not plant near sewer system, or to close to house as to eventually cause a foundation problem,
  • When planting a group of plants do not plant them in a totally straight line if you want to achieve a natural look,
  • And last but not least, choose plants that you enjoy.

When doing your foundation planting, don't forget that container plants and vines can be used to soften hard surfaces and add interest to areas that might be hard to plant in, but use them wisely. For example potted begonias can add color where there is only green, and vines can be used on the south side of a house to help lower the temperature inside of the house.

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