Thursday, November 10, 2016

Global Thistle, bubbles of blue

Global Thistle/Pixabay
In the wonderful world of wild flowers there are many that gardeners do not care to have in their gardens but there are exceptions, like the Global Thistle with its beautiful large round flower heads in various shades of blue, that ranges from silver-gray to the deepest of blues. Global Thistle are easy to care for and long life plants that bloom in late summer. Depending on the variety, they grow in Zones 3 to 9, are very drought resistant, and will survive in full sun or partial shade in any type of soil; although they prefer poor, well drained soil that never gets soggy.

Global Thistle is a clump forming plants that grows three to five feet high with a spread of two feet, and a root system that can grows up to two feet deep. Care should be taken when handling Global Thistle plants as the foliage has tiny spikes that are quite prickly, also it is wise to deadhead the flower heads to prevent self-seeding. It is best to hand-sow the seeds in mid-spring, and divide the plants any time from autumn to spring. The only pests or diseases that is known to have an impact on Global Thistle plants is infestations by aphids.

'Taplow Blue'/Pixabay
For the more creative gardener Global Thistle are good for cutting and drying. Some of the more popular varieties are the dark blue flower heads of the 'Blue Globe', the somewhat metallic darker blue of the 'Veitch's Blue' and the bright blue flower heads of the 'Taplow Blue'. 

'Veitch's Blue'/Pixabay

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