Friday, March 3, 2017

Trending: #Telescopic garden tools

Getting down and digging in the dirt can give you a real “salt of the earth” type feeling but there are times when wish you could reach a little further without climbing over plants and that is where #telescopic garden tools can be a real help. Telescopic handles on garden tools can be a big help for seniors extending their reach and often times making it possible to garden sitting or standing up. They are also handy to reach back plants without stepping on border plants and at times even ease the pain at the end of the day.

#Telescopic handles are now available on Cultivator, Rake/Hoe, Metal Fan Rake and Trowels; they can extend your reach from 25 to 37 inches, many have comfort grip on steel or fiberglass handles. Other #Telescopic garden tools include Loppers with serrated cutting edge able to cut through 1-1/2” thickness with a 33” reach, Pruners with a 11-1/2” reach, and for heavy duty work there is the Telescopic Hedge Shears that can cut through 5/8” with a serrated cutting edge that locks in a reach up to 24.5”, some even with a soft gel handle. To make it easier to prune tall bushes or trees check out the #Telescopic Tree Pruner with a 13” curved, rotating head blade and an extended reach of 14 feet.

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