Thursday, May 4, 2017

Crop Rotation

Research has shown that small and organic gardens can benefit from crop rotation, even if crop is moved only a few feet away from where they were grown the year before. Rotation can prevent plant disease from bacteria and spores that survive the winter; by simply planting a different type of vegetable, like cucumbers where cabbage grew the year before, one could starve off disease that could ruin your cabbage crops. This is because the disease carrying bacteria and spores might of survived the winter but they do not travel far in the soil. Rotation can also confuse insects and help prevent infestation.

Crop rotation brings lots of benefits to the soil itself, planting crops in the same spot year after year can deplete the soil of it nutrients, that will lead to crop failure and can only be fixed by not using the soil for a year or two and adding good compost to build up the nutrients. Soil can also benefit by the length of crop roots, some plants grow roots close to the surface, other crops have roots that grow deeper down into the soil; rotation keeps the soil from compacting.

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