Friday, September 21, 2012

Color Popping Gardens

Flower garden found in Tak, Thailand. I don't ...
Flower garden found in Tak, Thailand. I don't know what type(s) of flowers in this photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After a gardener works hard to make their garden special they want it to be noticed.  One way to get noticed is to add colors that draw the passing eyes toward your garden. 

RED - Advertisers know that red attracts the most attention on the grocery selves and the use of this color in your garden it can have the same affect.  Bright red plants here and there will turn heads, just remember not to over do it or it could have the opposite affect.  Red is one color that will pop in sun or shade and can be seen from a distance.

English: One more yellow flower from my garden...
English: One more yellow flower from my garden Português: Mais um jarro amarelo do meu jardim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
YELLOW - Another color advertisers use to attract attention.  Yellow stands out when used in blocks or clumps of five or six plants.  Yellow border plants can make a small flower garden look bigger and it can give the illusion of depth in the middle of a garden.  The feeling of your garden can be achieved with the color yellow, soft light to medium shades give a fresh relaxing feel while the darker and brighter yellows give a more zesty full of life feel. 

English: Flower from the garden at the getty m...
English: Flower from the garden at the getty museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
BLUES and PURPLES - Nothing is bad about these color, they can bring life to a garden where there is none, they can relax you and at the same time make you feel invigorated.  Some blue plants are just meant to be planted in mass, like blue grape hyacinths and bluebells.   

When the day is gloomy do not frown because this is a great day to see which of your flowering plants give the most pop to your garden and where it might need some improvement.

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