Friday, December 7, 2012

Don’t ignore the sun

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One of the most common mistake gardeners make when starting their garden is to not focus on the position of the sun in relation to where they wish to grow their plants.  It would be wise for the gardener to take pen and paper in hand and note the position of the sun at various times of the day before they begin gardening.  When observing how and where the sun falls on the planting area keep in mind that throughout the plants life the sun will change its position.  Without the correct amount of light from the sun many plants will not see their full potential.  

The gardener needs to remember plants that need to have partial shade need three to six hours of sun light, full sun plants need eight hours to all day of sun.  Shade plants also need light just not bright sun light. 

The order that you plant your plants can also affect the amount of light, if a plant needs full sun do not surround it with taller plants that will block the light or plant under a winter dead tree that will block the light once the leaves come back.  The amount of light a plant receives is a factor that tells the plant when to start growing, when to start budding and flowering, how long it should flower and when to die off.  This is one reason certain plants grow better in one region and do poorly in another. 


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