Saturday, December 8, 2012

Keeping the dog and cat at bay

Funny Attention Dogs And Owners Sign
Funny Attention Dogs And Owners Sign (Photo credits:
Have you ever spent a morning planting just to have your dog go out and dig everything up in twenty minutes?  Or have gone out to work in your garden and discover the cat is using it as its bathroom?

Dogs and cats, if not trained or deterred, can make a mess of all your hard work.  To deter dogs a three foot fence around your garden will keep them out, today there are many decorative fence that add to the beauty of your garden.  Dogs are animals that love to please their owners so most times dogs can be trained to stay away, with a little patience and doogie treats. 

You could add a cat friendly garden area away from your garden by planting catnip and cat grass for they to mulch on with bare ground in the middle.  Another trick is to take a pieces of wood or cloth and smear Vicks on them, an odor most cats can not stand, as a determent but you must remember to refresh it every few days.


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