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5 gardening sites to visit for high quality inexpensive seeds

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As the end of winter comes nearer the flood of seed catalogs flows into almost every gardeners mailbox.  And if you are like me, you are always on the lookout for something new to add to the garden.  

Unfortunately the price of seeds goes up every year so finding seed companies that offer high quality inexpensive seeds is a bonus.

Below I have listed five online sites that offer good service and inexpensive seeds and reasonable priced supplies.  All five site have good reviews, I have ordered form two Millington Seed Company and Home Harvest Garden Supply Store and did get quick service and healthy seeds.

T’s FLOWERS & THINGS is one I just happened across and will be ordering from, the site offers a wide variety of seeds I am looking for plus some craft items that look interesting. The other two sites look familiar and I can not remember if I ordered from them or not but they looked like good places to, if nothing else, get supplies from. 

Started in 1988 Home Harvest Garden Supply Store offers affordable high quality seeds and supplies for every type of gardener. 


A web site started by one women, Teresa Daly, that started the business when she discovered the joy of gardening herself.  Offers all seeds at $1.00 per packet.  A friendly and easy site were you can order on online or print out a form to mail. 

Offers a good variety of flower, herb and vegetable seed packets at affordable prices.  They include growing instructions and seeds come in a reusable Zippit bag. 

Offers heirloom and open-pollinated garden seeds.  Seed packets start at $1.39 and you get more seeds then usually in a no frill white packet.

A place you can order seeds in bulk at wholesale prices.  Their single packets are not overly expensive at $1.95. 

Do you know of a site that offers good bargains for seed and garden supplies either on online or through the mail that other gardeners would be interested in??   Feel free to add it to the comments


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  1. Saw you on Google Plus - nice post - good luck with your gardening blog. If you want to check out mine - I run a small perennials nursery in Michigan


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