Friday, March 28, 2014

Five new colorful annuals for 2014

Annuals play a big part in the home garden, they can be that added touch of color, take that temporary home above fall bulbs while your waiting for them to spring up, become a filler plant when you can not decide just what you want in a particular area or annuals can be planted in pots to be moved around at random. Whether you use annual in the fore-mention way or like to plant an annual garden of color the following new 2014 annuals will brighten up your garden.

Coleus  Photo by
Coleus have been known for their showy foliage color and I think you will delight in their 2014 “Olive Mosaic”, as they bring with them blue and white nettle-like flowers in late summer. This multicolored plant with its green to pale green shade with just enough burgundy color to make it stand out grows around 26” high with a 22” spread. It can take full shade or sun and is very tolerate of humid summers. 

“Ms. Mars” sunflower is not your typically sunflower as far as color goes, it boost a dark red-to-purple flower head that turns to a pretty pink in the end. And although it only stands 20-30 inches tall with around a 24 inch spread, this sunflower shows promise to be a real head turner throughout its six week blooming period. 

Petunia  Photo by
Not a big fan of petunias, but PetuniaPerfectunia™ Sun might just change my mind if they come up looking as promised. It is said to sport “glowing golden blooms are bright yellow at the center, turning to creamy white just at the edges.” The blooms are said to be three inches wide, with the plant growing in a mound shape, eight inches high with a 18 inch spread. This care free blooming, disease, pest resistance, butterfly loving, hopefully, pure yellow petunia will definitely be on my list of must have plants for 2014. 

Lantana are known for their continuous blooming and their resistance to drought and heat but now there is one more reason to plant Lantana – for great color. “CherrySunrise” Lantana changes colors as they mature, from end-to-end deep red cherry color to gold and/or yellow centers and all the way to frost. It stands about 20 inches high with a 20 inch spread, it semi-trailing habit makes it a great choice for hanging basket or trellis growing. 

Here is a new Park Seed annual that can fill your need as an annual ground cover. “Candy Showers” Red Snapdragon, the first-ever trailing Snapdragon from seed. It grows in full sun but its blooms can last to early winter in warmer climates. Growing just eight inches tall with a 12 inch spread, the blooms are 1-2 inches wide, this strong well branched plant also makes a great hanging basket plant. This plant not only provides a flowery red mound of color but produces a subtle sweet scent. 

Snapdragon  Photo by
Dwight Sipier_Wikimedia_CCA2.0Generic

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