Friday, July 11, 2014

Put your garden in a container

Embellishment for the garden  Pixabay/Public Domain/ CC0
#Container gardening has increased in popularity over the last few years. Planting in containers is not just for people who lack space, but can be a unique embellishment for any gardeners garden. The best thing about container gardening is you can put it wherever you like, and since your garden is portable, you can move plants in an out of the sun and rain as needed, move them around for different effects and move them inside for the winter. Your container garden can be as whimsical or as proper as you see fit.

Containers can add instant color, architectural interest, or can be used as a focal point to any area. One of the fun parts of planting in containers is that you get to choose the container, which can be anything from a plain pot to a washtub to a barrel to a pair of boots or a modified chair. You can let your imagination go wild on the shape, size, color, width, or height of the containers for your garden; personalizing it into your own unique piece of art.
Pixabay/ Public Domain/CC0

Containers allow you to experiment with new plants, try something outside of your growing zone; new growing medium, new watering methods, etc; if you don't like the results of your experiment, it is easy enough to start over with something new.

The one tricky thing about container gardening is watering, this is why you must make sure you have good drainage holes, and not just one but lots of them at least the size of a pea. If you are using a object that has none, you must find a way to make your own. Over-watering can turn your leaves yellow and leave your plant limp, it will also encourage mold and fungus to grow; under-watering will stint growth and well, could kill your plant off. Most container gardens need a good watering at least once a day during the summer. When you see water coming out of the bottom – stop – wait for the excess water to drain out, then do it again. Surface watering does your plant no good – water needs to get to the roots. Do not water your containers on rainy days, in fact, if mother nature does a good job you may not have to water for a few days.

So join the fun and just don't limit yourself to flowers, try vegetables, herbs, vines and yes, even shrubs and trees.
Pixabay/Public Domain/CC0

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