Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Breathing is not just for humans

The need for proper air in the #garden can not be overstated, as it is the last thing most gardeners are thinking about when setting up plans for a new site or trying to fill in bare areas.  Proper air circulation ranks high on the list just as healthy soil and proper moisture does, just as the climate around each individual effects them in one way or another, the climate around a plant can make the difference to its adaptability in your garden.  The lack of good air movement or breathing around the plants various components can cause them to grow sparse and leggy, it can subjects them to more diseases, bug invasions and truly hamper their survival.

Steps to take to insure good air circulation are do not crowd – over planting in a area will not give a fuller look, plant according to given instructions on spacing.  It may look a little open and bare at first but with time the plant/s will fill the area. Choose carefully when planting under low branching trees and shrubs, while some trees and shrubs can be enhanced by pruning off low branches, others will look like they were hacked.  When planting a new plant make sure any low dense overgrowth from other plants is cut back, also check the finished height of the plant to insure it will be able to reach its full height with no interference.

Proper air movement will allow plants to dry quicker after a light or heavy rainfall and permits the sun to filter through to help in the drying process, keeping your plants healthy. 

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