Down in the dirt

Giving your plants the right start

Weeding is job no one likes but one that needs to be done.  Before planting anything you must eliminate any weeds present either by digging them out by hand or using one of the weed and grass killer products.  Because no garden is complete without weeds at some point in time creating a clean slate will pay off in the end and make weeding the area when plant are growing easier. 

Many have said to put down landscaping cloth but there has been many comments that it is a waste of money and time because the weeds grow though the cloth and make it difficult to get to the roots of the weeds.

After all your hard work of weeding, rotating the ground and adding in a general all-purpose garden fertilizer you can take a few weeks off to let the ground settle.  During this time, if so inclined, you can draw out your plans for where each plant will go, remember to consider height and spread.

Before you plant, rake down the area to even it out and break up any big clumps.  For small plants use a trowel and for larger plants use a spade, remember to set plants in at the proper depth and firm the soil around the plants gently.

Coneflowers - purple in color, large daisy-like flower, blooms mid to late summer, long lasting blooms, 2ft. to 3ft. high with about a 1 1/2ft. spread.  Does best in full sun and well-drained somewhat sandy soil.

Cranesbill - light rose to pink in color, dainty single flower plants, blooms early to late summer, 1 to 3ft. high with a 1 to 2ft. spread.  Does best in full sun or partial shade and average soil.

Phlox - wide range of colors, multi flower on one stem, depending on variety blooms spring or mid-summer, 5 in. to 3 1/2ft. high with a 1 to 2ft. spread.  Sunny to shade location in rich soil with plenty of water in summer.

Primrose - wide range of colors, clustered flowers, blooms in spring, 8 in. to 1ft. high with a 1ft. spread.  likes partial shade and acid soil.

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